2020 WBCCI Elections and IBT

Due to the COVID-19 related cancelation of the 2020 International Rally, the International Board of Trustees (IBT) considered and approved an emergency resolution focused on continuation of business.

NOTE: See below for practice ballot!

Emergency Resolution

Approved March 31, 2020: Resolution of The International Board of Trustees of the Wally Byam Caravan Club International (WBCCI) Declaring A Proclamation of Emergency Due to the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19).


  • In mid-March 2020 the US Federal Government issued the President’s Coronavirus Guidelines for America (more at whitehouse.gov).  In part the guidelines recommended steps to slow the spread of the coronavirus, which included avoidance of social gatherings, avoidance of eating or drinking at certain establishments, and avoidance of discretionary travel, and,
  • On March 16, 2020, as a result of federal guidance including guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the WBCCI Executive Committee unanimously voted to cancel the June International Rally and by extension the International Board of Trustees (IBT) meetings and all official Club business typically occurring by Bylaw at an International Rally. The IBT and all members were notified March 17, 2020, and,
  • An Emergency Resolution is required to continue business operations of the club.


Emergency Resolution: During the period of the Emergency Resolution, the following applies:

  1. All WBCCI Constitutional and Bylaw provisions that require in-person attendance or participation at an International Rally or IBT be waived.
  2. An electronic version for the current delegate voting process shall be established, sufficient to accurately and securely tabulate delegate votes for the International Officer and Nominating Committee elections and Constitutional amendments.
  3. IBT meetings shall be conducted electronically, in a manner allowing for a quorum of the IBT to be convened. Meetings will be streamed and available for the membership to view.  
  4. Approval of specific voting and other emergency business processes shall be made by the Executive Committee.  The process shall be generally structured along the lines described by the attachment Exhibit A (“Guidance for Method of Delegate Voting During Period of Emergency Resolution”).
  5. This Emergency Resolution shall be in effect for a period of six months, effective April 1, 2020.


Proposed Constitutional Amendments

(detailed versions listed below)


Amend the WBCCI Constitution, Article VI, Title: Qualifications of Members, (page 2) by deleting the entire Article VI and insert a new Article VI as follows: 

Sec. 1 An adult who owns a hard sided recreational vehicle manufactured by Airstream, Inc. shall be eligible for membership in the club. 

  1. An owner upon written application and the payment of International dues, and fees or Local Club dues, if joining a local club, shall be a member of the International Club. Those also joining a Local Club will be Regular members. Those just joining WBCCI will be Members at Large. 
  2. Ownership, except as otherwise provided herein, of a recreational vehicle manufactured by Airstream, Inc., as defined in this Article, and the payment of annual International dues and fees and/or of Local Club dues is prerequisite to retaining membership. 
  3. Members, who were in good standing when they sold their Airstream recreational vehicle, may, upon request, retain their membership, provided such members do not own another brand of recreational vehicle, except such members may own another brand recreational vehicle that is parked in a permanent or semi- permanent location to be used by the members as a vacation facility or as a home. 
  4. No Local Club shall establish other requirements for an applicant to be a member of a Local Club.

 Sec. 2 Notwithstanding the requirement that ownership of an Airstream recreational vehicle, as defined in Section 1, is a prerequisite for membership; not more than ten officers and employees of Airstream, Inc. who do not own such a recreational vehicle, may be members at any one time, provided they have the use of an Airstream, Inc. owned vehicle with which to participate in International Club activities.

 Rationale: The constitution of an organization should state who or what the organization is and leave the specific procedures for operation to its Bylaws and Policies. Article VI as written includes language that is clearly defined in its Policies under Membership and Privileges. This is the proper place for such language defining how the club operates and defines the responsibilities of its members. To avoid the duplication in the Constitution of what should be in Club Bylaw and Policy this amendment is offered for consideration.




Amend the WBCCI Constitution, Article XII, Delegates Meeting. Delete Sec. 3, 4, 5, and 7 and insert a new Sec. 3, 4, and 5.

Sec. 3 The members of each chartered Local Club may vote and otherwise participate in the annual Delegates Meeting through a Delegate or Alternate Delegate. Headquarters shall determine the voting strength of each Local Club each year prior to the Delegates Meeting by the number of International dues paying members of that Local Club recorded at Headquarters by June 1.

Sec. 4 Members of each Local Club shall be represented at the Delegates’ Meeting by one Delegate or an Alternate.

  1. The Delegate shall be a Regular Member of the Local Club.
  2. The Alternate may be a Regular Member of the Local Club or an Affiliate Member of the Local Club who is also a Regular Member of a Local Club within the same Region.
  3. No Delegate or Alternate Delegate may represent more than one Local Club at the Delegates’ Meeting.

Sec. 5 The President of the Region of residence of the Members at Large shall, acting as their Delegate, represent the votes of the Region’s Members at Large.

  1. If the President cannot attend the Delegates Meeting, the same Regions Vice Presidents from First to Second shall perform this function.
  2. If no Region President or Vice President can attend the Delegates Meeting, the Members at Large shall have no representation at the Delegates Meeting.

Sec. 6 A quorum of the Delegates shall be twenty percent (20%) of the total number of Delegates entitled to participate in the Delegates Meeting.

Rationale: This revision provides clearer language, moves delegate credentialing process and delegate meeting modes of voting (roll call, unanimous consent) to Bylaws Article XVII, Delegates Meeting and Voting, and it delegates voting for Members at Large to a known and responsible Region officer.



Amend the WBCCI Constitution as follows:


Within the Table of Contents, Bylaws and Policy, Merger, Consolidation or Dissolution of Units; .and in the Constitution, Article III, Visions, Missions and Objectives, Sec 3, Objectives; Article V, Powers, Sec. 1A; Article VI, Qualification of Members; Article IX, Board of Trustees, Sec. 2 and Sec. 7; Article XI, Club Organization; Article XII, Delegates Meetings, and Article XVI Amendments of the Wally Byam Caravan Club International Inc all references to “Unit or Units” be changed to Local Club or Local Clubs as appropriate.


Rationale: Proposed changes in the WBCCI Bylaws and Policies to address the name changes by many Units to Club requires a change in terminology in our Constitution for consistency. A review of possible means of doing this had Unit/Club being used. This is accurate, but awkward and “Local Club” has been suggested as more representative. As we are reformatting the WBCCI Bylaws and Policies, as approved by the IBT at Doswell, this is an opportune time to produce internal consistency in all of our governance documents.



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