Amana Colonies Rally

May 14 is a Thursday.  Bill & Ginny will be there but you could plan to arrive later.

Please make your own camping reservation by May 7, 2020
Amana Colonies RV Park & Event Center
3850 C Street
Amana, Iowa
(319) 622-7616

30’x75’ Full $39, Water/Electric $36

We do not have final costs but expect the rally fee to be $25-$30 per person.

Hosted by Bill Scheuerell & Ginny Janssen


Step into a world of authentic German ambiance that was created by the settlers of the Amana Colonies and preserved by their ancestors. Experience the unique culture that has its roots in Germany and flourished in the USA during a communal era for over 90 years.

Visitors have been coming to the seven scenic villages for over a century.  Come for the food, wine, and beer – for the quality handcrafted products, art, and quaint shops – for the history and antiques.  

There is a lot to see and do so we’ve built in flexibility.  You may choose to join the group activities or break off on your own.

The rally fee includes the highly recommended, approximate 2-hour, Village Voyage Van tour.  Only 2 tours are offered Monday - Saturday so we need to make reservations early for the 14-seat van.  You’ll learn the history of the Amana Colonies, visit the Amana Heritage Society, Communal Kitchen, High Amana General Store, and the Old Homestead Church.  The tour is not handicap accessible so you must be able to get in and out of the van and navigate some steps.


Thursday, May 14, 2020

  • Settle in then begin exploring the area.  We’ll give you a list of places to shop, microbreweries or wineries to check out, places to hike, or golf
  • 4:30 Happy Hour at the campground
  • Dinner on your own or join us at a local restaurant


Friday, May 15, 2020

  • Coffee at the campground, breakfast on your own
  • As a group drive into Amana to visit shops.  This is more than a typical shopping experience.  The Amana Meat Shop & Smokehouse offers samples, the Furniture & Clock shop has a viewing area where you can watch a craftsman at work, the Woolen Mill has a film about weaving, plus the Heritage Designs Quilting & Needlework, the General Store and International Christmas Market and many more
  • Lunch on your own
  • Those with Friday reservations will take the 2 p.m. Village Voyage Van tour.  If not, you have free time until Happy Hour at 4:30
  • Dinner is on your own or you may join us at a local restaurant


Saturday, May 16, 2020

  • Famous Hahn’s Bakery traditional baked goods and coffee for breakfast
  • Car pool to the Broom & Basket Shop in West Amana.  We hope to have demonstrations but that can’t be guarantee now.  See Iowa’s 11-foot-tall walnut rocker
  • Drive to Schanz Furniture & Refinishing Shop in South Amana.  We can walk into the woodworking shop and talk to the craftsmen
  • From here there are several options for things to see then lunch on your own
  • Those with Saturday reservations will take the 2 p.m. Village Voyage Van tour.  If not, you have free time until Happy Hour at 4:30 
  • 6:30 depart for a group dinner at a local German style restaurant (cost not included in rally fee)


Sunday, May 17, 2020

  • Coffee at the campground, breakfast on your own
  • Visit the sites you missed or relax before you head home