Registered Attendee Lists for All Events

Registration Lists - Registered Attendees

Access to the Event Registration Lists (Registered Attendee List) for all Events is now only accessible to WBCCI Members through Log-In via the Membership Portal.

Previously, the Registered Attendee Lists were available to the public via link on the Event Detail page. While the lists of attendees included only names, WBCCI Number, and no other personally identifiable information (such as address, phone or email information), there has been some concern from members that their information about being gone from their residence to attend the Event may somehow place them at risk.

To allay these concerns, Registered Attendee Lists for all Events will now only be available by accessing the "Protected Registration List" page via WBCCI Membership Log-In to the Membership Portal.

The easiest method for accessing the Registered Attendee Lists would be to FIRST, Log-in to the Members-Only Portal, THEN, navigate to the Arizona Airstream Club website.

Alternatively, It is suggested that you:

  • Create a Bookmark or Favorite of this url:

  • Create a Bookmark or Favorite of this url:

  • Select the ACI Members Log-in Bookmark or Favorite that you created and Log-in,
  • Select the AAC Registration Lists Protected Bookmark or Favorite that you created.

Protected Registration Lists