We are planning on leading our 2nd Driftless Area Caravan starting on Friday September 25, 2020 and ending on Sunday, October 4, 2020.  We are planning on 3 stops, 3 nights in each of the 3 stops.  It will be similar but not totally identical to the first caravan we led in September of 2017.  The first stop will be near Dubuque, Iowa.  The second in or near Decorah, Iowa.  The third stop will most likely be near Harmony or Lanesboro, Minnesota, but we are also looking at a few other options, possibly near Soldier’s Grove or Gays Mills, Wisconsin.  I am anticipating a rather minimal kitty fee as most campground fees, meals, and other fees will be paid by each of us individually.  We are limiting this to 15 units—in 2017 we had 8 units.  If interested, email me or write:  

Kurt Jorgensen
608-326-4293  (land line)
608-306-0330  (cell)