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CAC EVENT STATUS: July 16 -19, Mountaindale, Colorado Springs August 13 – 15, Arrowhead, Buena Vista September 10-11, Carter Lake, Fort Collins September 24 -27, Pa-Co-Chu-Puk, Ridgeway. Decision by 8/1/2020. October 10 Luncheon, Castle Cafe. Decision by 9/1/2020 November 7 Luncheon, Aquarium. Decision by 9/15/2020 December 12 Luncheon, Elks Club. Decision by 11/1/2020 For now, this is our “new normal” and we have to adjust as the situation evolves. The Executive Board will remain connected to the CDC guidance and warnings as this is a very dynamic situation. We will keep you apprised of changes as new information becomes available. The Colorado Airstream Club is a group of energetic, adventurous Airstreamers who enjoy rallies in the mountains during the warmer summer months and getting together for lunch up and down the Front Range when it's too cold to camp. We host at least one event a month during spring, summer and fall. Come join our rapidly growing group of Airstream and camping enthusiasts.

Jack Hornbeck, Membership Chair

Arvada, CO

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