OLÉ!!  How will you be spending Cinco De Mayo?

The 4CU will be hanging out in Flagstaff at the Coconino County Park (Google Map)!

A “Just Dry Camping” experience in the pines will be happening May 4-7, 2023, on the Carnival Lot just outside the Ft. Tuthill Campground, and adjacent to the historic Quad. Make sure your tanks are empty and water full! The neighboring Ft. Tuthill public campground MAY have potable water and dump (for a minimal $10 fee).

Spend your days relaxing with friends or exploring northern Arizona which may include Grand Canyon, Sedona, Walnut Canyon, and many other spectacular places. Lowell Observatory doesn’t close until 10 pm! Maybe you’ll find another Pluto!

Walk or bike the endless trails that gently take you into town directly from the rally or drive to Snowbowl. There’s Flagstaff Extreme Adventure if you feel the “need for speed” and shoot across the ziplines!!

We are introducing another important concept for this rally. GO GREEN!

Pack in / Pack out please. The park requires us to maintain our own trash during our stay. Minimize the use of single-use items and prepare for your needs ahead of your arrival. There will be no on-site trash receptacles for the 3 days we are guests of the park. This will be a super opportunity to prove we are truly, self-contained, responsible Airstream travelers!

The open skies above our camping area will allow for great solar recharge. The big Navajo Ramada is ours for shelter and socializing with your Airstream family!




  • Meet with your morning coffee at the ramada where you can discuss your…DAY IN FLAGSTAFF
  • Or just hanging in the park walking around the historic Ft. Tuthill or playing a little Querkle, Bananagrams or sharing your next adventure!
  • Happy Hour with your favorite Celebration Cinco Beverage.
  • Then bring your meal under the Ramada for group dinner
  • Wear your Cinco De Mayo Celebration outfit!!!


  • Meet with your morning coffee at the ramada.
  • There’s a team roping event at the fairgrounds! Perhaps take a walk over and cheer them on!
  • Dinner via local Flag Fav…. TRES AMIGOS Food Truck will be coming to us!!!
  • Tres Amigos will be pulling into the park at dinnertime where we will have a Cinco de Mayo evening in the Navajo Ramada! The fiesta continues, so don your Fiesta finest!
  • Isquierda, Derecho, Centro aka LRC


  • Flagstaff Farmers Market (8am-12noon)
  • Departure


Camping Cost: $50.00 for three nights

Rally Cost: $20.00/person includes Taco Dinner with rice and beans – Choice: Chicken, Carne Asada, Veggie


Your Hosts:







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