International Board of Trustees

The administrative body of the International Club shall be a Board of Trustees sometimes referred to as the Board or as the IBT. The Board of Trustees shall consist of the President, the First Vice President, the Second Vice President, the Third Vice President, the Recording Secretary, the Treasurer, a Trustee without a vote who shall be the Chief Executive Officer of Airstream, Inc. or an Executive Officer of Airstream, Inc. as may be designated by said Chief Executive Officer, and the Immediate Past International President who shall serve for one year following such officers’ term as President, and the President of each Region of the International Club.

The Board of Trustees shall have supervision over the financial affairs of the Club including the adoption of a budget, and it shall designate the bank or other depositories in which funds of the Club are to be deposited, and shall designate the persons who shall draw funds thereupon. The Board of Trustees shall have supervision over all real and personal property of the Club, including the disposal and distribution thereof in the event of the Dissolution of the International Club or a Unit thereof, except a unit incorporated in another state or province, all within Section 1702.49 of the Ohio Revised Code. It may hold meetings at a time and place designated by the President and special meetings may be called by the President or by eleven (11) members of the Board of Trustees or at the signed request of one thousand (1000) members in good standing.

The Board of Trustees shall define the policies of, and shall have full administrative authority in all matters pertaining to the International Club and shall exercise general control and supervision of all officers and committees. The Board of Trustees shall have full authority to construe and interpret the Club's Constitution and Bylaws and Policy and may delegate this authority to its Constitution and Bylaws Committee.

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