Minnesota Airstream Club

Officers and Committee Chairs

Our Minnesota Airstream Club officers are all volunteers, and we wouldn't have a local club without them. We thank them for their time and efforts in guiding our club.
Please consider sharing your talents with the club. You are invited to talk to any of the club’s officers about serving on a committee or in a leadership position.

Scroll down for a list of officers and committee chairs.

2020/2021 MN Officers

Brenda Schultz #31475
Email: 055president@airstreamclub.net

1st Vice President
Vernon (Bob) Petersen #1573
Email: 055vicepresident@airstreamclub.net

2nd Vice President
Pamela Rawn #9757

3rd Vice President
Bryon Day #2309

Steve Pfleghaar #13303
Email: 055treasurer@airstreamclub.net

Membership Chair
Daryl Herrmann #1868
Email: 055membershipchair@airstreamclub.net

Recording Secretary
Kay Olsson #7827

Corresponding Secretary
Joy Dodd #5153

Immediate Past President
Terry Pfleghaar #13303

Chuck Dodd #5153
Pete Yanke #7528
Cordell Woods #5148
Kathy Yanke #7528

Newsletter Editor / Webmaster
Chris Olsson #7827
Email: 055info@airstreamclub.net

Click HERE for a list of Past Presidents