Club Leadership Team

Officers, Trustees, Appointees

The members of our New England Airstream Club Leadership Team are all volunteers. This club would not exist without good leaders. We owe a round of “thanks” to these great people for their time and efforts in guiding our club. Please consider sharing your talents with the club. You are invited to talk to any of the club’s officers and Trustees about serving in a leadership position. Scroll down to see the current list of officers and members of our leadership team serving the New England Airstream Club.

NEAC Leadership Team


Voting members of the Executive Board:


Denise Buck

1st Vice President and Rally Coordinator

Doug Hart

2nd Vice President

Steven McConnell


Bennett Green


Tim Darsney

Trustee 2nd Year

Larry Habel

Trustee 2nd Year

Susan Radesca

Trustee 1st Year

Karen Kwass

Trustee 1st Year

Ann Chase

Past President

Tess McShane


NEAC Committee Chairs and other Appointments:

Membership Chair

Clifford Holensworth


Tess McShane

Newsletter Editor

Stephen McConnell

Nominating Committee

Tess McShane, Past President

Others TBD

Parliamentary, Constitution & Bylaws

Rich Collins

Event Calendar Coordinator

Doug Hart, 1rst VP


Steve Buck


Barb Skelton

Ethics & Grievance