Wagons Ho!

We now have a date and place for the 2021 Arkaluma Rally: October 28-31 at the Museum of Automobiles rally field on Petit Jean Mountain (just before you get to Petit Jean State Park). Terri and I stomped around on the Museum Rally field right after leaving the 2020 Arkaluma Mud Bowl last year.  Firm ground!  Trent and Jennifer camped at Petit Jean recently and gave the museum field a thumbs up.  The museum owner assures us that the field is drivable even in a monsoon (Nevertheless, we requested clear skies and no rain when we made the reservation).  Have a look at the satellite view Museum of the Automobiles - Google Maps.   Museum of the Automobiles website.  It’s the clearing in the woods just east of the museum, not the field north of the museum.

Arkaluma 2021 will be boondocking at its finest.  Wagon wheel formation with a central campfire (Don’t forget your giant red WBCCI number; all those campers look the same from the middle of a wagon wheel).  A large, covered pavilion in case it rains (but it won’t). A water spigot if you need to refill your freshwater tank.  Plenty of friends with generators to share (if you don’t have one yourself).  Less than a mile to the dump station at Petit Jean State Park.

Close to hiking trails and water falls in Petit Jean State Park.  Close to the ever-popular Walmart Super Center in Morrilton.  And it seems like there is a winery somewhere in the neighborhood. (If not, Jan and Charles may be able to provide some moonshine).  The Museum of Automobiles has an interesting collection of antique cars and trucks that’s worth a repeat visit if you have been there before.  The traditional mouse-burning will take place on Saturday night so don’t forget to grab your mouse when you leave your house. 

There will be a $25 rally fee, with all proceeds going to the Museum. Will work out payment routines later. No need to contact the Museum of Automobiles.  Just send me an email to reserve a spot (1pggreene@gmail.com).  We should have room for 20 rigs in the wagon wheel.