We also have several "Intra-Clubs" within Airstream Club International that provide gathering places for our like-minded Airstream Club International members.

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Vintage Airstream Club  

VintageThe Vintage Airstream Club is open to all WBCCI members who appreciate Airstreams that are 25 years old and older.  You do not even need to own a vintage Airstream.  Learn how to maintain, repair, restore, and renovate Airstreams from the 1930s, 1940s, 1950s, 1960s, 1970s, 1980s and even the early 1990's.  Make new like-minded friends at our rallies and caravans.  There has never been a better time to own, travel, and camp in a vintage Airstream.

Classic Airstream Club

Classic Airstream ClubThe Classic Airstream Club regular membership is open to all members of Wally Byam Airstream Club who own an aluminium Airstream Recreational Vehicle (trailer or motorhome) with the iconic aerodynamic shape, regardless of its age (not exclusively “ Classic” models). Whether your trailer is one, two, or three axle, you qualify! Our club members enjoy informal get-togethers, affordable rallies and caravans organized by local members from all parts of the North American continent. 

Amateur Radio Club

The International RV Service Net is sponsored by the WBCCI Amateur Radio Club and affiliated with the ARRL.  We are amateur radio operators traveling the country in RVs, hosting radio nets, or at least interested in RVing.  We welcome all appropriately licensed hams to join us for our daily nets.  Net information can be found on our Amateur Radio Club website.

Indie Streamers 

Indie Streamers logo 2

“Indie Streamers” are Airstream Club members, single or married, men or women, who always or sometimes travel solo. We enjoy mutual support by sharing common interests and challenges through a private, moderated forum, social gatherings, friendship and the joy of safe and secure travel and camping.

Grapes & Grains

Grapes and Grains is an Intra-Club for members who share an interest in beverages produced from grapes and grains. These would include beverages such as wine, brandy, spirits, and beers as well as recipes made from these beverages. Rallies and caravans would focus on tours to places that make these beverages as well as venues that serve these beverages. The main objective of the membership is to share their knowledge about Grapes & Grains with others. The club is open to all members whose interests lie within Grapes & Grains.

Future Streamers

Future Streamers are members who may travel with children. Our goal is to develop memories with our youth that excite them about Airstreaming, provide life-skill opportunities, and build friendships through family friendly engagements and experiences. We use a facebook group, rallies, and informal social gatherings for members to share common interests.