Club Leadership

We Camp, Travel and Lead This Club Together

Aside from the small paid staff at our Club Headquarters, the Airstream Club International was built through a shared commitment to volunteerism and led by an Executive Committee elected yearly by the membership.

International Executive Committee

Mona Heath

Mona HeathInternational President (Big Red Number: 152)

Andrew Selking

Andrew SelkingInternational First Vice President (Big Red Number: 6062)

Tye Mott

Tye MottInternational Second Vice President (Big Red Number: 7719)

Eric McHenry

Eric McHenryInternational Third Vice President (Big Red Number: 153)

James Polk

James PolkInternational Treasurer (Big Red Number: 261)

Vickey Courtney

Vickie CourtneyInternational Recording Secretary (Big Red Number: 2804)


Lori PlummerCorporate Director

Barry Bell
Barry BellImmediate Past International President (Big Red Number: 126)