Standing Committee Chairs

Several critical committees have been charted to help with club membership and governance. The committee chairs are selected by the Executive Council and report back to the International Board of Trustees on a regular basis. Any member can volunteer to be part of a Standing Committee - simply reach out to the Chair.

  • Budget: Per Hamnqvist
  • Caravan: John Becker
  • Constitution & Bylaws: Tom Smithson
  • Ethics & Grievance: Bob Caldwell
  • Family & Youth: Cory Barger                               
  • Historical: Joe Peplinski
  • Information Technology: Marc Nijdam
  • International Rally: Eric McHenry
  • International Rally Site: Bob Stansbury
  • International Relations: Per Hamnqvist
  • Lifetime Membership: Karen Fisher
  • Long Range Planning: Millie O’Donnell
  • Marketing: Vacant
  • Membership: Cody Klingler
  • National Event Rallies: Kate Coast
  • Publications: Hedda Smithson
  • Technical: Dick Martin