Standing Committee Chairs

Standing committees within the club are described in more detail in the bylaws. The chairs of all standing committees, except the International Rally, International Rally Site, Lifetime Membership Fund, and Budget, shall be appointed by the International President and approved by the Executive Committee. Each appointed committee chair will serve for one year and may be reappointed by the incoming International President. A standing committee will undertake no program unless approved by the Executive Committee and funding for such program included in the annual budget. The primary purpose of a standing committee is to consider and recommend actions and propose policies or programs.

Budget                                               Tye Mott
Caravan                                             John Becker
Constitution & Bylaws                        Tom Smithson
Ethics & Grievance                            Bob Caldwell
Family & Youth                                   Linda Amme
Historical                                            Joe Peplinski
Information Technology                      Marc Nijdam
International Rally                              Andrew Selking
International Rally Site                       Vernon Goodwin
International Relations                       Per Hamnqvist
Lifetime Membership                         Eric McHenry
Long Range Planning                        Per Hamnqvist
Marketing                                           Vacant
Membership                                       Terri Warren
National/Special Events                     Kathi Mitchell
Publications                                       Hedda Smithson
Technical                                           Ray Putnam