From June 6th through the 10th 2024, we will have our first ever Schools Out for Summer Rally, at Walt Disney World. It will be a great time to bring your children or grandchildren for fun and games around the campground.  More details about the itinerary later.

The first 45 people rigs to sign up will get emailed a confirmation number that evening.  

You will have until July 12 to make your deposit for the stay at Fort wilderness .  All confirmation numbers that have not been called in and made a deposit will be automatically canceled,

After those 45 campsites go, depending on the number, if at least 10 more sign up, they will make another group for us.  I will be happy to get back in touch with my contact there about additional groups if we have an overwhelming number of people registering .

If there’s not enough for a second group, you simply tell them that you are an Airstreamer and you would like to be parked as close to the group as possible. That way, no one really feels left out. You can still be in the rally, even if you aren’t considered, in the group, if you have a reservation there and registered/paid on our website.

In review:

  1. Register for the WDW Airstream Rally.
  2. You will be sent a confirmation.
  3. Make your reservation before July 12.
  4. More details about the rally coming. 

I’m sure there are lots of questions, and I will try to answer them as soon as I can, but there will be a lot of questions answered in the email.