Campsites are limited.  Please make campsite reservations prior to registering for the rally.

Call (386) 364-1683. Do not register online. Tell them you are with the Florida Airstream Club Rally.

Spirit of the Suwannee Airstream Rally

Please join us for this fun-filled, action-packed rally. This gathering will take place at The Spirit of the Suwannee Music Park.  It is a campground with 880 acres of dirt trails that you can ride bikes or ride golf carts on. Most prefer golf carts. You can rent your golf cart at the Country Store at 386-364-4841. 4 people can comfortably fit on the carts. You will want to join in on the golf cart fun as there will be several activities with the carts including a decorating contest (so bring your decorations), day and night rides through the woods, a scavenger hunt, and a few games. The park also features a disc golf course. There is live music in the music hall on Friday and Saturday nights and Karaoke on Thursday nights. Sometimes we are lucky and the “Pickers” play in the nearby Pickin' Shed at our campground on Saturday nights. If we are lucky and they are playing, anyone can join in with their instrument or dance skills.

We are having a craft day followed by an activity which requires everyone to bring a bag of miniature marshmallows. The club will also provide some marshmallows.

Nightly campfires are a great place to share stories and enjoy the campground.

The following group meals are provided by the club:

  • Friday dinner-Chili
  • Saturday dinner- the famous Hobos
  • Sunday breakfast-Breakfast burritos
  • Sunday dinner – Walking taco’s 

Please call 1-386-364-1683 to make your reservation with the Airstream Club to get your discount. If you book online, you will not get a discount.  Call the County store to reserve your golf cart. (see above) 


Spirit of the Suwannee Music Park



5pm Happy Hour- bring an appetizer to share



Explore park via golf cart, 880 acres of trails, tree house, canoe/kayak Suwannee river, available to rent.

9 Square and other games

Friday night:

5pm Happy Hour 5pm and campfire

6pm Dinner- We will have Chili, cornbread and dessert for dinner (provided by club)

After dark, night ride in our golf carts (If you need to reserve a cart, call 1-386-364-1683 #4



10am Golf cart games

3pm cart decorating contest at 4pm at fire ring (bring your dollar store goodies and some tape)

Saturday night:

5pm Happy Hour and campfire

6pm Hobo’s and cobblers, (provided by club) Pickers may be here to entertain us. Bring your string instrument and join in.



8am-9am Breakfast Burrito’s (provided by club), bring your own coffee/beverage.

Sunday night:

6pm Dinner-Walking tacos (provided by club)


***Please plan on providing your own lunches, dinner for Thursday night and breakfasts each  day except Sunday morning.