Welcome back to our old haunt. This is a great rally to just come out to, relax, and socialize. November is a great time of year to enjoy the area.

As in the past we will be lighting the BBQ grills each night, so you can bring your own food.  We are working on lining up live music for Saturday night (starting earlier to stave off the frostbite), and are also working on arranging stargazing on Friday night.

We will be organizing a bike ride on Friday morning/afternoon on the Oro Valley section of The Loop bike trail [Google Map Of Route].  This is an easy paved trail that is separate from the road and is considered the most scenic part of the trail system. It will be an easy 10 mile bike ride to TopGolf and back, which should take about an hour each way.  We will have e-bike rentals available from local shops.

Saturday you will be on your own for the morning and afternoon.  Optionally we may have round tables with question-and-answer sessions.  During the sign-up process you will have the opportunity to list three subjects you would like us to discuss, and we'll choose the four most popular ones to put information together and have a host lead the discussion.

We will have live music on Saturday, along with some goodies that are brought in.

Coffee and Blue Finch pasteries will be provided Friday and Saturday mornings.