Rye PAtch Croup Site

We hope you put our April 18th - 21st Rye Patch Rally in your calendar at the beginning of 2024. If not, do it now so you don’t get caught missing out. The SNU has reserved the River Bend Group site where we can all camp together. Rye Patch has been so popular in the past that we reserved and extra day; stay through Monday.

The Rye Patch State Recreation Area is a haven for wildlife where you can sit back and relax at our campsite along the tree lined Humboldt River. Have a canoe or kayak; bring it along. You’ll have lots of space and close access to fishing, hiking and wildlife viewing; “water and shore birds, both resident and migratory, are common at Rye Patch. Canadian geese, coots, grebes and cormorants are frequently seen. Mule deer are known to roam the park and prong horned antelope are often sighted in the area surrounding the park” (sourced from the nv.gov Rye Patch website).

Want more action, take your tow vehicle on a scenic tour of the California Trail, abandon mines and the local Great Basin mountains and desert roadways. You can find out more about Rye Patch and its amenities at http://parks.nv.gov/parks/rye-patch .

The long-range weather averages suggest mid 60s in the daytime and upper 30s at night. Worried about battery management and furnace use, make sure your batteries have water, are fully charged and you have full propane tanks before you leave for Rye Patch. Pick a spot with sufficient sun for those solar charging or bring your generator. Still worried, we’ll have several generators to help charge others during the daytime and into to the evening hours. Hopefully someone will bring their SoloStove fire pit where we can circle our chairs around the camp fire, enjoy the view and tell stories through the day and evening hours.

Can’t make the whole time; come for a short weekend, the day or just visit for a few hours with us. No reservation required but please RSVP.