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Homolovi State Park Rally - Winslow AZ 2025

GPS (Park Entrance)
Latitude: N 35 01.524
Longitude: W 110 37.733

Off AZ-87 Northeast of Winslow, the park entrance is at 35°01'31.0"N 110°37'44.0"W

In the high grassland of 14th century northern Arizona, an ancient people found a home along the Little Colorado River. These people, the Hisat’sinom (known to archaeologists as the Anasazi), paused in their migrations to till the rich flood plain and sandy slopes before continuing north to join people already living on the mesas, people who are today known as the Hopi.

The Hopi people of today still consider Homolovi part of their homeland. They continue to make pilgrimages to these sites, renewing the ties of the people with the land. The Hopi say that the broken pottery and stones are now part of the land and are the trail the Bahana will follow when he returns.

In an effort to protect these sites, the Hopi people supported the idea of Homolovi State Park. This idea resulted in the establishment of the park in 1986. The park serves as a center of research for the late migration period of the Hopi from the 1200s to the late 1300s. The park also offers hiking trails, camping, and interpretive exhibits.

Come out to Homolovi's Visitor Center Museum and Observatory for a night under the stars! These astronomy events are free with cost of park entry. Each event will feature a guest speaker with telescope viewing through the Winslow Homolovi Observatory to follow the presentation. This program is brought to you in partnership with the Little Colorado River Valley Astronomy Club.

The Winslow Homolovi Observatory offers telescope viewing through the huge 14" telescope and our new television monitors. Deep sky objects, like nebulas, distant stars, and even galaxies will be visible!

Cancellations: (AAC Cancellation Policy)

Simple Concept: If your cancellation results in a cost to the club, you will absorb the cost. The club does not plan the rallies and rally fees to make money, nor should the club be expected to lose money.

There is a strict AAC "Rally Fee" cancellation policy. (Cancellation within 30 days of the Rally will result in forfeiture of the "Rally Fee".)

If you decide to cancel your Attendance please cancel by notifying Arizona Airstream Club of your cancellation. Do not attempt to cancel with Homolovi State Park. Arizona Airstream Club has prepaid and holds the reserved sites for this event. Attendees willl be assigned sites approximately one week prior to the event.

For this Event, if you need to cancel your attendance do so directly with AAC via the Event Registration Cancellation Form. (Cancellation Form).

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