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  • Boondocking Group Campsite at Bandy Creek Campground (group area).  Included FREE in the Rally Fee are 19 boondocking campsites in the group area assigned to East TN and/or Music City Clubs based on order of registration until filled.  Quiet generators allowed.  This includes a centrally located, screened pavilion with lights and a bath house for our private use the entire time.  All activities will take place in the group campsite / screened-in pavilion.

NOTE:  E/W Campsites Available.  When group campsites are full OR for those who want electric/water, you are responsible for making your own reservation at the non-group area in Bandy Creek Campground across the street.  Your additional cost would be $12.50/night with Senior National Park Pass or $25/night with no senior discount.  May we suggest Loop C for everyone to be together.  https://www.recreation.gov

  • Thursday - campfire wood
  • Friday - morning coffee; charcoal for bring-your-own foil dinner in the Pavilion
  • Saturday - morning coffee; Dinner in the Pavilion, including charcoal
  • Sunday - morning coffee & sweets



Eastern Time:  Bandy Creek Campground and town of Rugby
Central Time:  Alvin York Memorial (town of Pall Mall) and other surrounding area tourist attractions (Jamestown, Muddy Pond)



Arrive at Bandy Creek Group Campground https://www.nps.gov/biso/planyourvisit/upload/Bandy-Creek-Campground-Map-Regs-2018-bw-2.pdf.  

Boondocking? First-come-first-served on site selection in group section E: sites 1-19.


4:30 ET.  Happy Hour Get-acquainted meeting (GAMs) –  Bring your own beverage.

6:00 ET.  Potluck Dinner

7:00 ET.  Review of activities for the weekend and alternative options explained. Evening campfire.



7:30 ET.   Coffee provided at the pavilion.


Day is FREE.  See optional activity page.


4:30 ET.  Happy Hour at the group pavilion.  Bring your own beverage.

6:00 ET.  Open Grill at Pavilion.  Charcoal and hot coals provided.  Bring your own complete foil dinner and drink.  Enjoy everyone’s company as you wait for your culinary creation to cook and share your tips for foil dinners.



7:30 ET.   Coffee provided at the pavilion. 

8:30 ET. East TN Executive Board Meeting (and any interested regular members)

9:15 ET.  East TN Business Meeting (all members)


10:30 ET. Build-a-Bluebird House project. (All those who signed up)

Day is FREE.  See optional activity page.


4:30 ET. Happy Hour at the group pavilion.  Bring your own beverage.

6:00 ET.  Dinner Provided. Brats / buns / potato salad / chips / condiments provided.  



8:30 ET.   Coffee and sweet pastry provided at the pavilion.



Suggested ½ Day Activities




9:45 ET.  Depart for Sgt. Alvin C. York State Park, Pall Mall, TN.  At the Visitor’s Center, purchase your tickets for the 45-minute guided tour of his home (10, 11, 1, 2, 3 CT).  Be sure to watch the introductory movie every hour on the half hour.

Before/After.  Explore rest of Alvin York park (WWI trench in the field, grist mill, cemetery, school).  There is also an old authentic country store within 10 miles.


Hiking nearby:  Twin Arches





8:30 ET.  Depart for Rugby, TN.  

10:00 ET.  Purchase $5 tickets for guided tour of Rugby historic homes.  Meet at the Rebecca Johnson Theater, there’s an award winning film to enjoy. 


There are several enjoyable gift shops in the central town area.


Hiking nearby:  Gentleman’s Watering Hole, Colditz Cove State Natural Area (waterfall)


NOON.  Lunch at the historic Harrow Road Café in Rugby 





The most impressive rock arches in the eastern US.

Open sunlight to sunset.  




Optional Activities:

Bandy Creek Visitor Center & Museum—free public Wi-Fi, bookstore, restrooms, firewood/ ice sales, maps, exhibits, https://www.nps.gov/biso/planyourvisit/visitorcenters.htm.  Hours are Fri-Mon 8am-6pm  & Tue-Thurs. 9am-5pm. 





Bandy Creek Loop Trail -- https://www.alltrails.com/trail/us/tennessee/bandy-creek-loop-trail 1.4  Next to the visitors center at the campground.  1.4 mile easy loop trail.  Keep dogs on leash.


Colditz Cove State Natural Area (Northrup Falls)

2552 Northrup Falls Rd, Jamestown, TN 38556

1 mile loop (easy if viewed partway from the top; moderate f you hike down (uneven, rocky terrain.  suggest that you go counterclockwise).


Gentleman’s Watering Hole Trail, Rugby, TN.  – 3 mile loop (Easy/Moderate).  https://scenicusa.net/121410.html 


Twin Arches Trail — View the most impressive rock arches in the eastern US. 

1.4 miles from parking lot, (Easy/Moderate) (go up and down 5 flights of steep stairs) https://www.nps.gov/biso/planyourvisit/twinarchlt.htm


Twin Arches Loop Trail -- 4.5 miles long (Moderate in difficulty) and includes some interesting rock overhangs (rock shelters) and cliffs, an old home site and the Charit Creek Lodge. The trail can be hiked in three to four hours.  https://www.nps.gov/biso/planyourvisit/twinarchlt.htm 


Angel Falls Overlook Trail --


5.8 miles.  Elevation gain 600 feet.  Most photographed section of the park.


Slave Falls Loop Trail—3.2 mile loop (Easy/Moderate), West Side Hiking Trail starting at Sawmill Trailhead https://www.nps.gov/biso/planyourvisit/tntrails.htm. Creeks cutting through rock slowly in geologic time, the result is a tall but narrow hanging waterfall (60 ft drop), which you can reach in 1.2 miles.  Slave Falls Loop also features a large 90 feet wide, 75 feet deep Indian Rock House and Needle Arch





Pickett CCC Memorial State Park—4605 Pickett Park Hwy, Jamestown, TN.  The park memorializes and preserves the unique work of the CCC between 1934-1942, https://tnstateparks.com/parks/pickett. The Pickett State Park Archaeology Research Museum in 2017 featuring the Native American prehistory of the Upper Cumberland Plateau region.  A ten-minute walk from the museum is the Rock Creek Mortar Shelter dating back 11,500 years.  Can rent kayak or canoe.


Historic Rugby—Enjoy Rugby Colony National Register Historic District, http://www.historicrugby.org.  There are 10 walking trails to peruse including a Rugby State Natural Area, homesteads, shopping, & crafts.  Highly recommended is the Gentlemen’s Watering Hole Trail, a 45-minute loop.


Sgt. Alvin C. York State Historic Park Hike—a 0.5-mile, one-way trail leads across the Wolf River by way of a suspension bridge.  The trail is easy and leads from Sgt. York’s home to his burial site.  Can drive to gravesite. Nearby restored grist mill, https://tnstateparks.com/parks/sgt-alvin-c-york


Driving Tour of Wolf River Valley, Pall Mall, TN—Cost $10 Leaving from York State Park Visitor’s Center at noon CST every Saturday & Sunday.  Participants will follow a park guide to various locations including York’s original home site, York Bible School, & more.  Involves minimal walking, 


Forbus Store, Pall Mall, TN—3902 North York Highway, Pall Mall, TN.  Old fashioned Country Store.  If you go to Sgt. York State Park, it’s worth the 5-minute drive from park to stop, http://www.bigsouthfork.org/forbus-general-store/


Muddy Pond, TN—Mennonite Community with General Store, Bake Shop, and Fine Leather Shop (saddles, purses), Sorghum Mill, etc. Beautiful country drive.    https://www.urbansouthern.com/day-trip-guide-community-muddy-pond-tennessee/ 


Blue Heron Mining Camp—All day Adventure starting in Stearns, KY, https://www.nps.gov/biso/learn/historyculture/blueheron.htm.   Take the Big South Fork Scenic Railway to Blue Heron or Mine 18, an abandoned ghost town.  $15 Senior Railroad admission, $11 bag lunch, walk through Blue Heron & experience the open air museum with audio stations describing mining life.


Museum & Chamber of Commerce, Jamestown, TN -- 114 W Central Ave. see the Old Jail and Museum, free admission.  Over 100 years old, the Jail was constructed of native sandstone.





The West End Café Jamestown, TN—Address is 306 West Central Ave Jamestown, TN.    Ask for the Pulled Pork Pie -- a crispy corncake/pulled pork/slaw specialty. It’s hometown, home style cooking.  Open for breakfast and lunch. 


Highland Manor Winery, Jamestown, TN— It’s the oldest winery in Tennessee. Address is 2965 South York Hwy Jamestown, TN, RVs welcome, http://www.uppercumberlandwinetrail.com/highland.html.  Free tours, tasting, & local wine. 

Harrow Road Café, Rugby TN -- http://www.historicrugby.org/harrow-road-cafe/)