We Do Caravans Really Well!

In 2024 our 22 National Caravans will travel across North America. We caravan to Alaska, Newfoundland, throughout the Pacific Northwest and Desert Southwest, and in the South and Southeast. Join fellow ACI members for unforgettable Airstream travel adventures.

How long has ACI been leading caravans?

The Airstream Club International (ACI) is the RV club of Airstream owners. The original name was Wally Byam Caravan Club International (WBCCI) when the club was formed in 1955. It was named for Wally Byam who was the inventor of the Airstream travel trailer. It is a nonprofit organization with headquarters in Jackson Center, Ohio. To be a member and participate in club activities, you must own a self-contained recreational vehicle made by Airstream Inc., which is also located in Jackson Center, Ohio.

Prior to 1955 Wally Byam led caravans for Airstream Inc. of which he was president. In 1951 he conducted the first group RV tour (caravan) in history which traveled to Mexico. Wally eventually operated caravans that traveled almost everywhere in the world, including China, Africa, and Europe. Videos from some of these adventures can be found on YouTube.

It was on one of these caravans to eastern Canada in 1955 that the Wally Byam Caravan Club International was formed. The goal of the club was to foster fun, fellowship, and adventure, while adhering to the Wally Byam Creed.

Since 1972, ACI has conducted over 500 National Caravans (an average of 10 per year). ACI still conducts around 20 “numbered” (official) caravans each year. In addition there are numerous region and local club caravans each year. This continued experience makes ACI the leader in what has become a major activity in the RV industry today.

What is the difference between a rally and a caravan?

A rally is usually held over a weekend but no longer than a week and has only one camping location. It can be a local club rally, a region rally, or a national-event rally depending on who is sponsoring it. A national caravan is at least 9 nights in duration and has at least 3  stops (at different camping locations).

Who can go on a Caravan?

Any member of the Airstream Club International can go on a club caravan.  We can’t think of a better way for couples, singles, those traveling with children or grandchildren, and of course pets, to explore the world.

By all means, get on a caravan and find out what Airstream Club "Fun, Friendship, and Adventure" is all about.

What kind of caravans are there?

There are several types of ACI caravans depending on who sponsors them: a local club, a region or the International Club which are called "national caravans." Local club caravans tend to be shorter in length and may be limited to local areas.

Region caravans often travel within the limits of an individual geographical region since the leaders may have intimate knowledge of that area, or from the region to an International Rally.

National caravans that travel throughout the US and Canada tend to be longer and are repeated year after year if popularity demands it. Occasionally there may be caravans to Mexico or to other foreign destinations.

Where do the caravans go and what do the caravaners do?

ACI caravans go anywhere in North America from Newfoundland to Baja, Alaska, Key West and points in between. You can enjoy great food in Cajun Country or visit the red rocks of the great Southwest with its many National Parks and Monuments. You can go fishing in British Columbia or on the Green River, and you can golf almost anywhere along your route. For the history buff, you can travel the Oregon Trail, explore the Lewis & Clark Trail, or travel along Route 66.

How much does a caravan cost?

The cost will vary widely. It depends on the length of the caravan, the cost of facilities used, and the quantity of activities. Airstream Club International (ACI) caravans are operated AT COST and any funds not used are refunded to the caravaners at the end of the caravan. Since caravans are led by unpaid volunteers and all caravanners pitch in to help with various jobs during the caravan, the cost is about 50% of a comparable commercial caravan.

The price of a caravan includes all camping, usually at least one meal at a stop, and many tours and events. 

Why should I travel with a group when I can take the same trip on my own?

There are many reasons that some people, not all, prefer to travel in a group or “caravan,” as we Airstreamers call it. There is safety in numbers for one. There is always someone available to help if needed, whether it is a mechanical issue or a health issue. You are assured a campsite reservation without any effort on your part. You will participate in activities that are often only available to groups and enjoy the camaraderie of being part of a group whose members have many interests in common. A caravan is also where you will most likely make life-long friends.

Where can I find out more about Caravans?

More information can be found in the monthly club magazine, the Blue Beret or on the Events page. 


Member quote Quotes

We just finished our first WBCCI Caravan. We arrived not knowing anyone and were a little nervous but social events had us quickly acquainted with each other. Activities were well planned and fun and included many we would have missed if traveling on our own.

After traveling for three weeks with the same people, we ended it with a sense of a new family. Caravans are just one of the many benefits of Airstream Club International.

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