We are looking for new and exciting National Event Rallies to be started across the U.S. and Canada.  What are the benefits of being accepted as a National Event Rally? You'll get LOTS of publicity -the Blue Beret magazine and digital version, featured articles and prime placement on the ACI website. Assistance and support with event planning, communications, web/digital/social media and with all the on-line systems that our members expect today. And, be part of something bigger - a NATIONAL Event Rally. If you have a great idea - talk with your local club or region about sponsorship and send in an application! If you have questions, please contact NationalEventRallies@gmail.com.

The requirements are:

  • Planned, sponsored, and conducted by one or more local clubs, Regions, or International and held in conjunction with, or in the vicinity of, a well-known annual or periodic festival, event, celebration, or places of historic significance or natural beauty.
  • May also be held in support of a community or non-profit organization and may also focus or celebrate the history or lifestyle of Airstream travel and/or WBCCI.
  • The sponsor(s) must adhere to the Blue Book Constitution, Policies, Bylaws, and fund-management practices of WBCCI.
  • May be recurring or one-time events. 
  • Have campsite space for at least 20 trailers/units.
  • Open to all club members for registration at the same time. Online registration and payment is encouraged.
  • Hold activities that engage families with children and members who are still working.
  • Scheduled for a length appropriate to the activity.
  • The sponsor(s) assumes responsibility for financial obligations. Expenses may be paid directly by the participants to an entity outside of the WBCCI (i.e. campgrounds, event organizer, city, park, etc.) The sponsor may retain any surplus funds accruing from the rally and will be responsible for any financial losses that may accrue. The accounting for these funds must be kept separate and made transparent to participants. Sponsors are encouraged to utilize financial accounting systems set up through WBCCI and must follow fund management practices of WBCCI.
  • Within 90 days of completion of the National Event Rally, the sponsor(s) shall forward a written financial report, using the National Event Rallies Financial Report form for record purposes and for providing a financial report to the International Board of Trustees.
  • Liability insurance coverage under the "blanket policy" of the International Club will apply to existing authorized events and to events as may be authorized by the Executive Committee or the International Board of Trustees. A Certificate of Insurance (COI) will be provided upon request.

If your event/rally would like to be considered, please complete this application. We'll be in touch soon.