Walking the path together

National Event Rallies Leadership

The NER Program is full of amazing volunteers who organize and lead club national rallies. Each rally is backed by a sponsoring organization - usually a Region - and then the hosts that put them on (which is no small task) and have a great time doing it. Our thanks to each and every one. Our NER Team is a behind-the-scenes team to assist sponsors and hosts with event planning, publicity, sponsorships, website and other digital media. For questions, please contact WeRallyTogether@gmail.com

National Event Rallies Team: 

Mark Magie, Chair, Arkansas Razorback AC

Margaret Handshoe, Lake Tahoe AC & Rose Parade Host

Carolyn Beardshear, Colorado AC

Wayne Clark, Carolinas AC

The National Events Rallies program has three goals:

  1. To increase the number and expand the scope of National Event Rallies to benefit existing and potential members;
  2. Improve the National Event Rally Program to be equal to that of ACI National Caravans and on par with what other RV Clubs offer; and
  3. To grow partnership opportunities with communities, non-profits, and for-profit companies.

Underlying all of these goals is setting a standard of service that meets the expectations of current and potential members.