Walking the path together

National Event Rallies Leadership

In the National Event Rallies program we have two groups of courageous volunteers: our Committee is comprised of current NER sponsors and is organized to assist in setting standards and guidance to the NER program. Our NER Team is a behind-the-scenes team to assist with event planning, publicity, sponsorships, website and other digital media. For questions, please contact WeRallyTogether@gmail.com

National Event Rallies Committee:

Lindsay Shropshire, Canopener

Margaret Handshoe, Rose Parade

Bob Caldwell, Sun Valley Jazz

Joe Baum, Galax Fiddler's

Phillip Vasquez, Mardi Gras, Galveston!

Jay Thompson, Big Bend FL Unit


National Event Rallies Team: 

Janet Schober, Oregon AC

Jac White, Metro NY AC

Mark Magie, Arkansas Razorback AC

Wayne Clark, Carolinas AC

Kate Coast


Kate Coast #5778

The National Events Rallies program has three goals:

  1. To increase the number and expand the scope of National Event Rallies to benefit existing and potential members;
  2. Improve the National Event Rally Program to be equal to that of ACI National Caravans and on par with what other RV Clubs offer; and
  3. To grow partnership opportunities with communities, non-profits, and for-profit companies.

Underlying all of these goals is setting a standard of service that meets the expectations of current and potential members.