Loveland2020 International Rally June 20 – 27

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March 17, 2020

Hi Everyone,

It’s Mona Heath, your International President.  I’m coming to you from the middle of the Cajun Caravan, having a delightful time with many club members who I’ve met before and who I am just now making friends with.

I wanted to give you an update on the Loveland2020 International Rally.  We’ve had a year of many firsts; the first International President who is a woman several people behind her in line who are creative and imaginative are going to do a beautiful job. We’ve also had a year of firsts as it relates to COVID-19, an aggressive, capricious virus that strikes right at the core of our membership.  There’s been a lot of fear, a lot of anxiety, a lot of concern and a lot of emotion surrounding our club activities during this time.

Effective today, March 16th at 2:16pm (CDST), your Executive Committee voted to cancel the Loveland2020 International Rally. Yet another first, but I’m happy were doing it.  You are who we are working for, and on behalf of, and if cancelling this rally means that we are protecting you, then I’m glad we did that.

We have things we need to still focus on.  We have business that needs to happen according to our Constitution and Bylaws, and over the next week to 10 days, I will be working with our International Board of Trustees, our Parliamentarian, and Constitution and Bylaws Chairman to find alternative ways in this rare scenario to execute club business for delegates’ vote both on Constitutional amendments and to approve the slate of Officers for the 2020-2021 Board of Trustees.  And most importantly, we will find a way to hold the Executive Committee and Board of Trustee meetings that we typically do during the International Rally.  We will find a way to install those incoming new Region Presidents who sit on the Board of Trustees and install your new International Officers as well.

We’re creative people here.  We are adaptive, we don’t let wind/weather stop us as we all know from the caravans from so long ago, and we will get through this one together.  In cancelling the rally, I want to ensure all of you that you will receive a full refund for your registration fee.  You will receive that before April 30th and those of you who have already previously cancelled and were charged a $50.00 administrative fee, we will refund that as well.  (This isn’t an easy conversation here.)  I need to ask a big favor of you.  We have four people at Headquarters. We cannot, please do not inundate them with inquiries about when you will receive your refund.  We promise to get that to you before April 30th and we promise to stay in touch with you as we work through this virus together.  Please, everyone be safe, happy travels, and I look forward to seeing you at a rally down the road.  

Thank you so much for understanding, take care.


Mona Heath

ACI International President


This transcript was approved by President Mona Heath on March 18, 2020

Vickie Courtney, International Recording Secretary