We Do Caravans Really Well!

In 2022, our 23 National Caravans will travel across North America. We caravan to Alaska, Newfoundland, throughout the Pacific Northwest and Desert Southwest, and in the South and Southeast. Join your fellow members for unforgettable Airstream travel adventures.

How long are caravans?

Over the past few years, we have been introducing shorter caravans of 9-10 days for members with limited time flexibility. The longest caravans will be over two months and can have significant travel to the rendezvous point and from the final stop. 


How much does a caravan cost?

The cost will vary widely. It depends on the length of the caravan, the cost of facilities used, and the quantity of events included in the Kitty Fee. In any case, Airstream Club Caravans are operated AT COST and any funds not used are returned to the caravanners. Also, they are led by club member volunteers and everyone on the caravan pitches in to help. This means our cost is about 50% of a comparable commercial caravan. 

What kind of caravans are there?

Local Club, Regions and the International club all sponsor caravans. Local Club Caravans tend to be shorter in length and may be limited to local areas. Region Caravans often travel within the limits of an individual Region since the leaders may have intimate knowledge of that area, or from the region to an International Rally. National Caravans that travel throughout the US and Canada tend to be extensive and repeated year after year if popularity demands it. 


Where can I find out more about Caravans?

More information can be found in the monthly club magazine, the Blue Beret or on the Events page. 


We are new members. Should we go on a Caravan?

There is no better way to meet people, make new friends, and see the country than going on a Caravan. By all means, get on a Caravan and find out what Airstream Club Fun, Friendship, and Adventure is all about.

Who can go on a Caravan?

Any member of the Airstream Club International can go on a Club caravan.  We can’t think of a better way for couples, singles, those traveling with children or grandchildren and of course pets to explore the world.  You may want to check with your Caravan Leaders to confirm any limitations on transporting pet food and/or shot documentation needed for travel across borders.

What does the price of the caravan include?

The price of a caravan includes all camping, usually at least one meal at a stop, and many tours and events. 


What is Standby Only?

Caravans often seem to fill very quickly and club members may ask: "How do I get on a caravan when they are booked two years ahead?"

The Answer: Some caravans only run every other year; therefore they are booked two years in advance. Members may sign up to keep their future options open. As the caravan start date nears or the first payment is due, plans are finalized and for all kinds of reasons (health, family commitments, unforeseen circumstances. etc.) they cancel reservations. That opens up places on caravans marked as "Standby Only."

For this reason, do not hesitate to add your name to a Standby List. It is very likely, though not guaranteed, that you will make the caravan list. Anecdotal evidence says that members who are 20th or even 36th on the Standby List can be included in the final caravan list. Generally, no deposit is required to add your name to the Standby List. Just fill out the application form and send it to the caravan leaders. They will respond and let you know your current status and any changes. Do let the caravan leaders know if you are available to join their caravan on very short notice. Often there are last-minute cancellations and members are added within weeks, or even days, of starting the caravan.


Member quote Quotes

We just finished our first WBCCI Caravan. We arrived not knowing anyone and were a little nervous but social events had us quickly acquainted with each other. Activities were well planned and fun and included many we would have missed if traveling on our own.

After traveling for three weeks with the same people, we ended it with a sense of a new family. Caravans are just one of the many benefits of Airstream Club International.

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