Are you suffering from RALLY WITHDRAWALS? This is due to so many events having been canceled. If you are showing symptoms of RALLY WITHDRAWALS, it is time to gather and refresh our friendships at the Alabama Airstream Club's Finally a Rally.

Finally a Rally is being put together by Alabama incoming president Tony Olm.  This rally will take place at Guntersville State Park, AL.
The dates for Finally a Rally are October 18 (arrive) thru October 22 (depart). We will gather in "F" loop starting from site 36 thru site 51 and then into the next sites starting at site 52 thru site 63.

To help me out, I need a CONFIRMED SITE from you by September 23,2020! This will give me time to put things together such as a rally fee (if any) food and fun.

I  know the Corona is out there, but I also know that we can still gather and have fun and be respectful of the situation through safe social practices