Mark your calendars, the April 2023 rally "Silver Between the Lakes” is being held at Lake Kissimmee State Park near Lake Wales and is planned for April 13 - 17.  

The rally will be hosted by Bob & Lyn Masters and Mike & Maryanne Swegles.  

With over 5900 acres the park has miles of hike and bike trails and is nestled between three lakes with an adjoining water way.   

Bring your kayaks, bikes, hiking shoes and fishing poles.  Step back in time to a 1870’s cow camp with cowboys reminiscing about life on the Florida range. 

Since this is a state park it is best to register as soon as possible to assure a site. Earliest registration date is May 14, 2022 on to arrive on April 13th.  

Attempt to get a site in Loop LK2.