Gone to Texas

Gone To Texas

The letters GTT were familiar in the United States during the early 1800’s. They meant “Gone To Texas”. Come with us and see why it was the place to be as we travel from Amarillo, in the Texas Panhandle, to the beautiful Hill Country west of San Antonio. Along the way we will visit Buffalo Country, Indian Country, Oil Patches, Caverns, Old Missions, Cavalry Forts, travel along the United States/Mexico border, A PASSPORT WOULD BE REQUIRED FOR ANY TRAVEL INTO MEXICO (NOT A CARAVAN ACTIVITY),a world famous observatory, the mystery lights of Marfa, Big Bend National Park, the Alamo, an Exotic Game Ranch, a Dude Ranch, a raft ride on the Rio Grande and much more. From the Texas Plains, to the Mountains, the Deserts and the beautiful Hill Country, leave a message for your friends - GTT. Moderate hiking and exercise may be required on some events.

Start Date: EST. 9/25/2022 Start Location: Amarillo, Texas
Amarillo KOA
1100 Folsom Road
Amarillo, TX 79102

Stop Date: EST. 10/29/2022 Stop Location: Ingram, Texas

Total Number of Nights: EST. 35
Number of Stops: EST. 12

Leaders: Ronn & Rae Gilbert  #1450
Cell phone: 281-224-7870 (Ronn), 713-412-2838 (Rae)
Email: rmgilb3673@aol.com

Co-Leader: Jerry & Tracey Calvert #1933
Cell phone: 832-549-5042 (Jerry), 281-210-6130 (Tracey)

Maximum RV Units/With Leader: 26

Kitty Fee w/2: TBD
Kitty Fee w/1: TBD
Guest: TBD
Deposit Amount: $250
Dates of Payments (if applicable)
Cancellation Fee: $100 plus non-recovered expenses
Leaders discretion after: