Made in the USA

Made in U.S.A.

MADE IN THE U.S.A CARAVAN.   Those little tags, we love seeing them. Now come with us and see some of those products made.  We will start at the Airstream factory where our “babies” were born, in Jackson Center. Ohio. We will go see the Wilson Football Company making all pro footballs for USA and Canada and many other countries.  Will see those Ford F-150 trucks made.  Will visit dream cars of years ago, the Duesenberg museum as well as Studebakers and their memorable homes. If you like bugs in your teeth and hair in your face, and you wonder why they do it, then you will enjoy the Harley Davidson tour. Most of us drive trucks but if you ever wanted to drive something bigger, you will enjoy John Deere and Caterpillar tours.  If sweets are your thing, we will stop at Jelly Belly factory. For the train enthusiasts will visit the Illinois Train Museum, the largest in the country.  If you enjoy the bubbly, you will be refreshed at Miller Brewery Co.  Kokomo Opalescent glass in Kokomo will show you the elegance of their products.  Fair Oaks farm will show you how 30,000 cows are milked per day. Come and see what makes a $10.000 toilet popular at Kohler factory tour. Enjoy and relax as we tour Chicago for an architectural tour. We will board the Spirit of Chicago yacht from the Navy Pier as we enjoy a Sunday brunch on the water.  We will finish our caravan at the world famous and renowned Mader’s German restaurant in Milwaukee.

Start Date: 9/07/2021 Start Location: Wapakoneta, OH
Stop Date: 10/11/2021 Stop Location: Milwaukee, WI

Total Number of Nights: 35
Number of Stops: 10

Co-Leader: Dale and Kathy Spillman # 15880
Cell phone: 225-405-4057
Cell phone: 225-933-6289

Maximum RV Units/With Leader: 27
Kitty Fee w/2: $4225
Kitty Fee w/1: $3326
Guest: TBD

Deposit Amount: $350
Dates of Payments

Leaders discretion after