Old National Road Central

Old National Road - Central

The Road That Built A Nation”


The National Road was one of the first infrastructure projects undertaken by a young, vigorous United States in 1806. In our colonial years, and the time after the American Revolution, building a road in the western territories meant two things: cut the trees down to clear a path wide enough for a wagon to fit between the trees, and, cut the trees low enough to the ground so the wagon axles could pass over the stumps. Now, Congress has authorized a high quality road- dozens of feet wide, and surfaced with gravel to allow easier passage in wet weather! This road opened the interior of the new country to settlement and development. Planned originally to reach St Louis, MO, and  beyond to Jefferson City, economic downturns, as well as competition from steamships and railroads caused Congress to end funding in 1839, resulting in the end of the road in Vandalia, IL.

Join us as we travel the route of The Old National Road. It is a journey through the lives and fortunes of the people that built the United States, from its beginning near Baltimore, to the end at Vandalia, IL. Along the way, we will explore historic sites from our colonial days to the modern day. 

Old National Road Central travels from Washington, PA to Richmond, IN

May 8 to May 16, 2023

Visits to the Pennsylvania Trolley Museum, West Virginias Independence Hall, Historic Wheeling Downtown Walking Tour, Pennsylvania House Inn, Westcott House, Haldeman Barn Museum, the Museum Of the US Air Force, and the Model T Museum are planned.

This segment is a nine day caravan, covering the central portion of the Old National Road. Members who wish to see the entire Old National Road will need to book all three caravans. If you book two or all three segments, you will pay only one caravan registration ($25) fee.

Start Date: May 8,2023
Starting  Location: Washington, PA

Stop Date:  May 16, 2023
Stop Location:  Richmond, IN

Total Number of Nights: 9
Number of Stops: 3

Leaders & WBCCI #. Tom and Vicki Ketchum, # 5809
Home phone:  317-339-5777
Cell phone:  317-339-5777, 812-322-6075
Email:  tvketchum@gmail.com

Maximum RV Units/With Leader:  25

Kitty Fee w/2:  $1300
Kitty Fee w/1:  $1050
Guest:             $  250

Deposit Amount:   $250 5/7/2022

Dates of Payments (if applicable).                      

          1.     $550 by 10/7/2022

          2.      Balance by 1/21/2023

Cancellation Fee:$100 plus non-recovered expenses                 

Leaders discretion after (date).  1/21/2023

For members who book 2 or 3 segments, and find they need to cancel, only one cancellation fee will apply.