Pets & Paws

     This is a joint rally between the Cape Cod Massachusetts Airstream Club and the New England Airstream Club.  This rally has been held for 10 years, the last two years being a National Event Rally.  It is held to coincide with National Pet Day.

     This is an extremely popular rally. You do not need to own a pet to attend, as this is in celebration of everyone’s past and present pets.

     We have homemade and store-bought treats for the pets. On Saturday of the Rally, members volunteer to do a spring clean up of the Pilgrim Bark Park, after which Lilli Hamnqvist will lead a stroll, with your pets, through downtown Provincetown.

     This Rally is held at the Coastal Acres Campground in Provincetown, MA, and is a short 10 minute walk into the heart of town. Provincetown is a beautiful coastal town at the end of Cape Cod with great restaurants and plenty of gift shops to explore.  On Saturday evening we all go to a local seafood restaurant and enjoy local fresh seafood. There is a rally registration flyer above or you can go to the Cape Cod website to print out a flyer: