Region 10 Policy 

Region 10 Goals and Objectives for 2021-2023

Representing Clubs and Members
*Actively Participating in IBT and Region Meetings and Committees
*Pursuing the Requests and Initiatives of the Region’s 7 Clubs

Supporting Clubs and Members
*Helping our Clubs to be Active and Attractive to Members
*Visiting Each Club annually

Fun Regional Events for Members
*Region Rally in 2022
*Supporting Special Events Rallies and Caravans

Improving Communication with Clubs and Members
*Keeping our Region Newsletter, Website and Facebook Page Relevant and Interesting
*Develop a new direct, timely communication methods from Region Officers to Members

Encouraging and Supporting Effective Membership Growth & Retention Activities
*Consistently analyze & share monthly Membership statistics
*Share effective membership communications amongst Clubs
*Encourage Clubs to have rallies and short caravans covering weekends to support the involvement of working families and families with children.
*Provide assistance to help Clubs create a compelling on-line presence
*Encourage Club leadership to develop a social media strategy