Join your hosts Jerry and Irene O'Connell for a weekend in the north Georgia Mountains at Fort Mountain State Park. Enjoy the mountain scenery, hikes, and apple orchards nearby. Schedule to be announced. At nearly 3,000 ft. above sea level, the weather will be spectacular. Feel free to arrive early and /or stay late. 

This is a very popular time of year in the mountains. As of 05/01/2024 only a few sites remain so make your reservations soon at:

Your hosts are in Site 13. Please send an email to the hosts with your site number once you are registered with the park.


*As of 05/08 there is limited availability. There are currently no available spots in the Creekside Loop. If for some reason you need to cancel your spot, please let Jerry know, call (813) 781-2995. Jerry is maintaining a waiting list.

*We selected the Creekside Loop as the better venue. There are no significant parking issues in the Creekside Loop and almost all sites are 50’, either pull through or easy back in. If you cannot get a site in the Creekside Loop you might be able to book a site  in the Lakeside loop. 

Jerry, Irene and Alex.