Sho-Me the Ozarks New

Sho-Me the Ozarks

How many folks have driven along I-40 thru Arkansas as they travel from East to West or West to East and wondered, “what would it be like to explore this beautiful area”?  This is the region of America known as “The Ozarks”, which centers in northern Arkansas and southern Missouri.  It is a cultural and geographically distinct area of mountains and valleys, freshwater springs, rivers, and lakes.

Our route includes short leisurely drives through rolling hills surrounded by some of the most picturesque scenery in the country. Although educationally and economically progressive the people of the Ozarks value and retain the influences of their pioneer heritage. The caravan starts in Mountain View, Arkansas home of the Ozark Folk Center, where local artisans and craftsmen demonstrate and display their crafts.  It ends in Eminence, MO in the beautiful Echo Bluffs State Park.  Along the way will be visits to the White River, trout fishing capital of the US, museums, Frank Lloyd Wright design marvels, the lights of Branson, and the home of Bass Pro Shop in Springfield MO.  We’ll see caverns, an aquarium, grist mills, and springs.  Music will abound, from porch fiddles to an internationally famous vocal choir.  We’ll be entertained by local musical talent and professional musical shows.   We’ll enjoy local cuisine and group meals.  Join us to make new friends and memories on the Sho-Me the Ozarks Caravan.

Start Date:September 28, 2023
Starting  Location: Mountain View, AR

Stop Date:  October 25, 2023
Stop Location:  Eminence, MO

Total Number of Nights: 27
Number of Stops: 8

Leaders & WBCCI #:  Bill and Diane Byrum, BRN 23618

Maximum RV Units/With Leader: 22

Kitty Fee w/2: Estimated $4000
Kitty Fee w/1:  Estimated $3450
Guest:  TBD circumstantially

Deposit Amount: $400
Dates of Payments (if applicable)

          1.$1,800 on kitty fee by 1/3/23

          2.$1,800 balance of kitty fee by 4/3/23

Cancellation Fee:$100 plus non-recovered expenses                 

Leaders discretion after 8/1/23