Coming from the South. or East

Directions from Hwy 16 at Cherokee go like this…..

  • Go past the yellow blinking light, and pass the post office.
  • It’s a right turn onto CR 409. There’s a private campground on the corner. Go down CR 409 for 4.7 miles.
  • The pavement ends, road turns left, and the dirt road goes thru a ranch with lots of sheep.
  • You will go across 2 low water crossings; the road winds right then left. Continue on passed a windmill at a tank, cross a cattle guard & that’s our property. There’s a big new house to your left.
  •  Frank said he would bring signs for us to put out.

Coming from the North on Hwy 16.

County Road 409 will be a left turn before you get to Cherokee.


County Road 409