***UPDATE****    2-11-24

I finally have confirmation that the Shipyard Tour (that has been held the 1st weekend of May, FOR 30 YEARS), has been cancelled due to heightened security and naval contracts.

But we will soldier on!  The rally will be held, just the activities will be a bit different!

We are working out alternative activities, and would like to get a better count of attendees for planning purposes.

Please email me now if:

— You have a site reserved at Potawatomi State Park and still plan to attend.  (Site # will be helpful!)

— You have a site reserved, but plan to cancel.  (Site # will be helpful!)

—  You have not reserved a site, but would like to attend.  As of today, the only sites remaining are non-electric.  If you have an ADA Permit, there are still two sites with  electric available.  Check back to the Wisconsin State Park Reservation Site (Link below) for possible cancellations of electric sites, or book a non-electric site, and  let me know!  Look for a site in the Daisy Field Campground, near the shelter, adjacent to Site 28. .  The shelter is lovely with a big fireplace.  

Here is a link to the Wisconsin State Park campground reservation page:  https://wisconsin.goingtocamp.com/

Once we finalize our details, we will open the registration page on our website.  We will notify everyone by email and newsletter that it is time to complete your registration.

We hope to see you in May!

Ed and Sandy Emerick


920-475-7893 Sandy
920-475-7891 Ed