August finds the Sierra Nevada Unit back in Plumas County at the Taylorsville Campground, a new location for the Sierra Nevada Unit. Pulmas County says, "Looking for a quiet place to camp between Quincy & Greenville? Then this is it. The best-developed campground option in the region. Closed for winter months because of snow. This campground is across the street from the small rodeo grounds and sits along the side of Indian Creek. It has a tennis court, pickleball court, coin-operated showers, modern restrooms, and an RV sewer dump station."

Walk beyond Indian Creek to town to find the Indian Valley Museum, Mt Jura Gem & Museum, Mountains Ayres Gardens flower market, Grizzly Bite Cafe and the Taylorsville Tavern. Other Plumas County destinations can be found here:

The name Grizzly Bites Cafe may be a reminder to practice good housekeeping in camp, clean up you picnic and dining areas and put food and trash in their proper place since "Food must be stored in a manner that makes it inaccessible to wildlife. Bears and Mountain lions that roam this area.

 Plan to make this new for the SNU rally.