Hello everyone!

The Birthday Bash weekend is almost here! And as of today, the weather looks great!  
I have checked with Potawotomi State Park online system, and YES, reservations/pay online is required!  Reserve a site before you go, or, you can wait until you arrive, bring up the app, see the available sites, and reserve and pay immediately.  Otherwise, someone might reserve your site, and you would have to move!

Here is the link:  wisconsin.goingtocamp.com
Sites 23-31 are closest to the shelter, and are electric.

Ed and I will not be able to attend, so if anyone would like to volunteer to be the ringmaster, let us know!  All you need to do is get a consensus on Friday night dinner, decide times for Saturday dinner, happy hours, and make sure everyone is aware of plans!  Easy peasy!
Please let us know if you are planning/thinking about attending, so we can keep you in the loop.
If you have any questions, please call or send me an email or message.

Sandy and Ed Emerick


Note:  If you are wondering why this event is called the Birthday Bash, it started many years ago, at Koehler-Andrae State Park.  We had quite a few members with birthdays around this time, and we just needed one more weekend of camping before winter moved in.  A few years ago, we moved to Potawotomi State Park because there was a free, warm shelter with a lovely fireplace.  This weekend is an unstructured, relaxing visit with old timers and new members.  Lots of time to get to know everyone!  I hope many of you can attend, and we look forward to seeing you down the road!


November Birthday Bash!

(The annual, informal, sometimes cold, always fun, weekend camping shebang.)

November 5-7, 2021
Potawatomi State Park
Daisy Fields Campground
Sites 22E-31E Recommended
Sturgeon Bay Wisconsin

It is almost time for the final Wisc-Up camping event of the season!  Break out the blankets, the hot toddies, your knit hats and gloves, and head to Door County for a short get away without the big crowds.  

We will gather at the Daisy Fields campground in Potawatomi State Park, in the electrical sites 22E -31E, near the warming shelter.  As of today, reservations are not accepted after October 31.  That may change, and if it does,  you can make your reservation and pay online after you arrive, or right before you leave home!  I know some like to see what the weather will be before committing.  I will follow up with the park November 1st for updates.  

For first timers, this is what you can expect at this event.
Arrive Friday, or earlier if you want a longer stay.  Friday night, we have gone out for a fish fry, but that is optional.  Decisions will be made during happy hour starting at 4pm.  Do what you like and what makes you feel comfortable!  

Saturday, some options include shopping in Sturgeon Bay, staying in the park and hiking the many trails, or visiting the local museums.  So many choices!  We will start the morning with just a casual gathering outside the trailers or in the shelter, bring your coffee/tea/morning beverage!  Breakfast and lunch on your own.  Saturday dinner is usually a pot luck/appetizers at the shelter.  Bring something to share, electricity is available for crock pots.  We will gather for the Happy Hour at 4pm, morphing into dinner around 5pm.  Or something like that!  Group games are encouraged in the evenings, so if you have something the group may enjoy, please bring! 

Campfire outside, or in the big fireplace in the shelter in the evenings.

Sunday, we will do the coffee morning mingle, and then depart.  (Or stay longer and enjoy the peace when everyone is gone!!!)

Arrive with a full fresh water tank, empty holding tanks.  Showers and flushies will be closed, vault toilets open.  

The dump station normally closes for the season October 31, so plan to find an alternate location for that task.  

Please let me know if you plan to attend.  Send me an email, text, or call!  Also, please call with any questions.  Come north and enjoy Door County without the summer crowds.

Ed and Sandy Emerick, #4425