Winter is coming, but then comes Spring.

Jan and Morten (BRN #1636) will host the Easter Campout 2023 at Ottawa Lake Campground in Waukesha County.

We plan to be there from April 6th through the 9th. This is south, so the snow will just be a memory by that time.

Ottawa Lake is within the South Kettle Moraine State forest. There are 65 electric sites, most with 50A service.

We have reserved site # 368. More information can be found here:

See you in spring.
Morten Lindstad 


It has been suggested that the Wisc-UP group have a spring show and tell related to several processes related to our Airstreams. This could be done at the Spring gathering at the Ottawa Lake Campground in the Southern Kettle Moraine, April 6-9.

One activity would be a demonstration of several simple techniques for repacking wheel bearings. As no one is allowed to travel in a travel trailer, it’s difficult to become aware of what might be going wrong with rotating parts until it becomes a serious/dangerous and probably costly problem. Repacking bearings is recommended as an annual maintenance procedure and has the added benefit of allowing for inspection of the general condition of everything inside the braking system etc.

Another item that could be dealt with is that of de-winterizing. Less complicated than winterizing but, that too could be a topic even though it would be occurring after the cold season (hopefully).

An additional activity could be another round of trailer backing coaching in which an individual would use their own tow vehicle to practice backing a trailer into a simulation of a camp site (between markings on a parking lot – no obstructions).

If there is any interest in any of these activities, please let me know. All the above will likely be held weather permitting.

Jim Guthrie or (414) 510-9699