Join us for a monstrously good All Hallows Eve close to home (for many of you) - the Halloween Rally is back at the WLYH Terraport! Word has it that Harmony Hall may be haunted by all sorts of creatures of the night for this rally weekend. Ghosts, goblins, witches, vampires, werewolves…you name it…literally, because the costume contest is back this year! (And yes, you can wear less scary costumes if you prefer...we'll have prizes for both scariest and funniest individual costumes, plus a group costume prize for 2 or more participants who dress in a common theme.)

We'll have Happy Hours Friday and Saturday; Saturday breakfast, Sunday coffee & rolls, and campfires both evenings (weather permitting). And, since we'll have access to Haunted Harmony Hall, we'll have a dinner provided Friday evening (menu TBD), and a Halloween-themed potluck on Saturday evening. Start planning for your favorite scary recipes (think: spaghetti and eyeballs, disembodied hand-shaped meatloaf with ketchup "blood", finger cookies, graveyard cake, etc.).

Saturday afternoon we'll have games, plus a pumpkin-carving session for anyone interested (BYOP), and Saturday potluck dinner attendees will vote for their favorite pumpkins. Entertainment is still in the works, but we hear the back deck of the Hall is prone to transforming itself into a haunted house on certain spooky evenings in October...and it may do so again...

Call 360-491-3750 to reserve your site on the Terraport. Register online or use the mail-in coupon. The rally fee is $25 per person. We look forward to seeing you soon! You Rally Hosts are Tim Lucas and Jeff Vannice.


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