Due to the Coronavirus, this is a "no frills" event which means there are no meals and no planned activities.  We will need to comply with all federal, state, local and campground rules related to group size gatherings and personal protection.  Face coverings may or may not be required but are highly recommended for the protection and safety of yourself and our members.

Fees:  Fifteen sites are available.  $175 will be collected through the JotForm registration process.  This fee covers the campsite for 3 nights.  No other fees will be collected.  Due to cut-off requirements by the campground all registrations must be completed by June 10, 2020.    

Refunds:  Per the campground refund policy, there will be no refunds after June 12, 2020 unless the canceled registration can be filled by someone on the wait list, if that exists.  Your host and club Treasurer will manage the wait list and potential refunds.  

Site Assignments:  Campsites will be randomly assigned by the host on a first-come first-served basis.  All sites are approximately the same size in the same general location at the campground and will allow up to a 34' rig.  Do not directly call the campground. An exception is for participants that want to extend their stay.  In that case, contact the host to get your site number and then call the campground directly to request extended days.

We want you to have a wonderful, safe camping event and look forward to seeing you!