Hosts: Tim Lucas & Jeff Vannice

Location: Skamokawa Vista Park, 13 Vista Park Rd, Skamokawa, WA 98647 / (360-795-8605)

Dates: Oct 28-30

Cost: $10

Skamokawa (pronounced Ska-Mah-Kah-Way) has both a long history and prehistory; it was the site of an Indian village over two thousand years ago. The name Skamokawa means "smoke on the water," so called after the fog that drifts down the three valleys opening onto the town and the Columbia River.

Fog drifting over the water at night sounds a bit spooky, doesn't it? Join us for a scary good Halloween weekend along the Columbia River! We'll have happy hours Friday & Saturday, coffee & rolls Saturday morning, and campfires both evenings (you bring the ghost stories). This will be a relaxing weekend: no contests this year, but everyone is encouraged to dress up for Halloween - yourself, your Airstream...or both!

Please reserve your campsite with Skamokawa Vista Park (360-795-8605) first (tell them you're with the Washington Airstream Club to ensure our Club's reserved sites are still available) before registering.


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