Managing Events

Managing Events Tutorial - PDF by Roy Beavers

Managing Events - Video tutorial

NOTE:  At the INITIAL EVENT CREATION If the LOCATION is not completed (address, city, state, zip and country), the system creates latitude and longitude coordinates from its own imagination.  If the location is updated later the latitude and longitude do_not_automatically correct to the appropriate location. The ITC recommends that, when an event is entered, the city, state, zip code and country should be entered at the same time.

If the coordinates (latitude, longitude) for the PinDrop of your event on the Event Map are changed, it may take several hours for that to be reflected on  Time for a cup of coffee...or? 

Once created currently only the ITC can un-publish or delete an event. Email with requests.  Please include the FULL TITLE of the event in your request.  

Blue Beret Event Publishing Requirements:  
• The BB pulls directly from the “Events” listing.
• Each event MUST include date, location, contact name and contact email or phone.  If any of those are missing, that event will NOT be published in the BB.
• PLEASE also include the “Region” tag for your event.  Without it the office staff has to figure it out since events in the BB are grouped by Region.
• Please note the BB pulls the information at least 6 weeks prior to members receiving the BB (printing time, mailing time, etc).on the first of the month, i.e.  Deadline for March 1 issue is January 15. 
• Also note the BB only prints roughly the next 3 months of events.