Our Las Vegas Airstream Club officers are all volunteers. This club would not exist without good leaders. We owe a round of “thanks” to these great people for their time and efforts in guiding our club.

Please consider sharing your talents with the club. You are invited to talk to any of the club’s officers about serving in a leadership position.

Scroll down to see the current list of officers serving the Las Vegas Airstream Club.

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Jo Salzer President - Jo Salzer
BRN 8010
Lynn Mate First Vice President - Lynn Mate
BRN 8131
sandy-levan Recording Secretary - Sandy LeVan
BRN 1899
suzie Treasurer - Suzanne Mellington
BRN 23994
Neil Peterson Membership Chairperson - Neil Peterson
BRN 1899
Diane Newsletter - Diane Hancock
BRN 4472
Webmaster - Jamie Peterson
BRN 1899
Social Media - Cheryl Musser
BRN 1282