Order a MN Airstream Club Flag

Order a MN Airstream Club Flag

Scroll down for instructions on how to order an MN Airstream Club Flag.

You may want to print these instructions so you can refer to them once you click on the Vispronet link.

  1. Send a request to the MN Webmaster for the artwork file by clicking here: club055@airstreamclub.org
  2. You will receive a file labeled "Minnesota Airstream Club Flag.PSD".  Save file to your PC.
  3. Once you have the artwork file, go to the Vispronet website: https://www.vispronet.com 
  4. On the top banner select “Flags” and then “Custom Flag” from the drop-down menu.
  5. Under Product: Fill out:
    1. Quantity
    2. Orientation (Landscape)
    3. Size-5 x 3ft
    4. Flagpole (Optional - select if you want one)
    5. Single or Double Sided
    6. Select your Finish (Reinforcement with Grommets is the standard and default).
  6. Click on the "Proceed To Artwork" button.
  7. Select "Upload Your Template File" option by clicking on the UPLOAD TEMPLATE button.
  8. Fill out the Upload Template Page:
    1. “Graphics/Artwork Name” = MN Airstream Club Flag
    2. “Select File” - Browse to the file you saved in step 2 and double click on it.  You will be returned to the Upload Template page.  The file name should now be populated in the form.
    3. Click on the UPLOAD TEMPLATE button.
  9. The file will upload.
  10. Click on the ADD TO CART button to complete your transaction.

You will receive a confirmation email from Vispronet.  They may ask you to approve the artwork as it does not meet one of their standards.  If they do ask, approve the artwork as we have had more than 20 flags printed using this artwork and they look great.


If you need help, let me know by sending me a email:  club055@airstreamclub.org