The members of NYFLAC board hold executive and general business meetings bi-annually. The board is guided by our approved constitution and by-laws. All officers and committee members are volunteers committed to meeting the needs of all of our membership. Our club would not exist if it wasn't for the hours of effort put in by committed leaders. We thank each of you for the time and effort you contribute to shaping and guiding our club.  

2022 Officers and Committee Members 

President:  Gary Russo

 1st V.P.:  Dick Saxton

 2nd VP: Chris Cappelletti

 Treasurer: Ted Smith

Recording Secretary:  OPEN

Directors:  Jim Gillio (1 yr.)
                    Charlie Kirk (2 yrs.) 
                    John Andersen (3 yrs.) 

Membership Chair:  Randy Hill

Caravan Leader:  Ray Wagner

 Safety:  John Hussar

 Media:  Liz Kirk

 Sunshine:  Suzanne Russo



NYFLAC 2021 Installation