Local Clubs and Intra-Clubs

Airstream Club International (ACI) is a group of Airstream owners and enthusiasts who come together to enjoy the Airstream lifestyle and travel experience. ACI is a national organization with local clubs located throughout the United States and Canada. Each unit is made up of ACI members who live in a specific geographic area and come together to participate in local events and activities.

Member at Large

Joining the club as a Member at Large is a great way to get acclimated to the club! Being a Member at Large allows members to attend any Local, Regional, International event without being directly affiliated with any local club. Most members use this as a “shopping” period to find a group they connect with. If you find a local club that you would like to be a member of, you are able to transfer your membership once a year by emailing assist@airstreamclub.org and paying your local club dues directly to the new local club. As a Member at Large, you are still able to vote on constitutional changes as well as election of International officers. Your voting will be through electronic ballots that will be sent from our Head Quarters. 

Local Clubs

Local Clubs (sometimes referred to as "Units") can be located near your residence or wherever you spend time. By joining a local club, you will be notified of any events hosted by that club or region. We have over 100 local clubs that all offer a variety of activities and events. Whether you are looking for a club to join on the weekends or a full-timer looking for adventure daily, we have a local club to fit your needs!

You can check out the local and their events here: https://airstreamclub.org/explore/clubs As a member of a local club, you can hold an office in that club or in the region. You are also able to vote on any constitutional changes, election of International officers as well as elections for local club officers. 

Affiliate Clubs

Joining an affiliate club is a great way to stay in the loop! You will be notified of any events that club is hosting as well as receiving their newsletter. A member is welcome to have as many affiliate memberships as they choose. You can join a club as an affiliate at anytime during your membership here: https://airstreamclub.org/join-affiliate 


We also have several "Intra-Clubs" within Airstream Club International that provide gathering places for groups of members that share common interests. https://airstreamclub.org/explore/intra-clubs 

  • Amateur Radio
  • Boondocking Streamers
  • Classic Airstream Club
  • Future Streamers
  • Grapes & Grains
  • Independent Airstreamers
  • Pride Airstreamers
  • Stella's Sisters
  • Vintage Airstream Club