FAC February Rally

Salt Springs Recreation Area

Ocala National Forest

Dates 2/25/21 – 3/1/21


John and Kathie Walker – Host Email:  walker48@bellsouth.net

The website at https://fs.usda.gov for Salt Springs Recreation Area is a wealth of information on this beautiful campground.  Go to https://recreation.gov or call 1-877-444-6777 for reservations.  At this time there may not be available campsites for reservations, however there are 35 “walk-up” sites.  They are more readily available on weekdays, but we have experienced vacancies every day of the week. 

Directly across Hwy 19 (walking distance) is a large private campground, Elite Resorts at Salt Springs, saltspringsrv.com.  This campground is a great “holding” place until an availability at the Recreation Area.  

Online Registration for rallies (in addition to campground reservations)



Rally Fee:  Non-members and buddies of Florida Airstream Club will pay $25/person rally fee.  Affiliate membership is $10 and is an available option.  Fees payable to Florida Airstream Club and collected by Mike (or Maryanne) Swegles, Club President.


Our desire is to rally safely during the course of the pandemic.  Practice social distancing, wash hands, and wear face masks when indoors as well as wear masks and gloves during food preparation and service.  


Itinerary Overview


Things to bring if they capture your imagination:

  • Kayak/canoe/paddle board
  • Bicycle
  • Snorkeling gear (really!)
  • Fishing tackle
  • Musical instruments
  • Hiking shoes
  • Firewood
  • Auction worthy donations



4:00 pm:  Happy Hour – News, announcements, introductions, sign-ups, etc.  Bring your own drink, hors d'oeuvre, chair.  

6:00 pm:  Dinner on your own

7:00 pm:  Host campfires per sign-up sheets


Breakfast on your own/explore campground/prepare for group kayak trip 

10:00 am:  Leave for Rodman Dam Kayak Trip led by David and Susan Poole 

Alternative kayaking:  rent equipment from Salt Springs Run Marina and experience Salt Run, 352-685-2255.  Equipment can be reserved the night prior to use or day of use.  

If not planning to kayak, there are many activities listed in the information found in the welcome bags.  Bear Swamp Trail, swimming, fishing, biking, shopping.  

4:00 pm:  Happy Hour

6:00 pm:  Dinner provided by FAC and served in pavilion.  Bring set-ups and drink of choice to be followed by music, dancing, games.



8:00 – 9:30 am:  Breakfast in the pavilion by our first-class chefs.  Menu tbd.

10:30 am: Leave for Silver Glen tour and hike.  Entrance fee is required.  Walking trails allow a view of Lake George. 

The Yearling Trail is across Hwy 19 from Silver Glen.  This is an additional/alternative hike.  No fee.  Map provided in the welcome bag.  Prepare for this historical hike by reviewing Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings’ books The Yearling or Cross Creek.  Both books are movies as well. 

4:00 pm:  Happy Hour and auction to benefit Fisher House.

6:00 pm:  Dinner on your own 

7:00 pm:  Host campfires.  Meet more people!



8:00 – 9:30 am:  Breakfast in the pavilion. Menu tbd.

Take hiking, fishing, snorkeling, biking, paddling opportunities.

Say goodbye to new friends who have to leave early.

4:00 pm: Happy Hour

Dinner on your own.  

Music, photo and video sharing


Be sure to register to receive text notifications of program scheduling changes and emergency situations where action is needed.  To register, call or text the toll-free number below. At the end of the rally, your phone number will be deleted from the system. 

Call-In Information: Call: 844-292-2290 and follow the prompts. PIN: 0225

Text-In Information: Text: 844-292-2290 type febrally in the message box and send