Caravan dates are October 11—October 19, 2024. The stops on this rally include the following by date:

1. Monkey Island RV Resort in Afton, OK—Oct 11-Oct 13—2 nights. Call 918-257-6400 to make your reservation. 

2. Lake Thunderbird State Park near Norman, OK—Oct 13-Oct 15—2 nights. Go to the website and make your reservations: Home Page - GuestRez ( . There are some discounts available.

3. Lake Arrowhead State Park in Wichita Falls, TX—Oct 15-Oct 17—2 nights.

4. Sowell Creek near Dublin, TX—Oct 17-Oct19—2 nights.

5. From Sowell Creek, we all head homewards or other places of interest.


Links: Rallies/Events, Monkey Island RV Resort, Lake Thunderbird State Park, Lake Arrowhead State Park, Sowell Creek