Hello everyone!  

I think everyone is getting ready to do some camping and traveling.  

Rod Fierek has disseminated some information about his Rally in Stillwater for Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday night, arriving Tuesday, September September 21, and departing Stillwater on Friday, September 24.  Click for information on the Stillwater "Rally near the River"  For those that want to make this a Caravan rather than just a rally, this is for you.  We are planning a short caravan leaving this Rally (or you might consider this Rally as the first stop on the Caravan).  In any event, for those that are interested, we will travel from the Twin City area and travel to Decorah, Iowa, where we will stay in the Municipal Campground there.  A number of you are familiar with this campground, and we stayed there a few years ago when I lead the Driftless Caravan.  It is a beautiful campground, although the reservation system is a bit weird and funky. But it works.   I will go into that later.  The point of this Caravan is to visit areas within the Driftless Area, visit some sites and museums, and hit a few breweries and brew pubs on the way. 

After spending Friday and Saturday nights in Decorah, and lingering around Sunday morning, we will move to Gays Mills, Wisconsin.  There is a nice brewery in Soldiers Grove, 5-10 miles away.  Also, in Gays Mills, there are many an apple orchard.  In fact, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday are their annual Apple Fest.  We are lingering in Decorah to give some time for the crowds there to thin out and to avoid their Apple Parade which is at 1PM on Sunday.  

Interested people can visit all these sites like a Caravan, or they can approach these times like a series of rallies.  No rules, other than if you let me know what you are doing and sign up it will make life better for everyone.  This will be a no fee caravan.  I am not sure if Rod has a fee for his time in Stillwater (if he does, it will be money well spent!) but I plan no fee for the other sites.  It doesn’t mean it is free, it just means that everyone pays there own way.  If we have to, we might pass the hat for firewood or whatever, but past experience is that this low key approach works well.  Remember, the object of all of this is to just have fun.  We may need to make some rules RE: COVID, but that will depend on the reality of the epidemic at that time.  The future is not always predictable. 

I would suggest that those interested make their campground reservations ASAP.  And here is the information as to how and do it.  

DECORAH:   https://parks.decorahia.org/pulpit-rock-campground    The reservation # is 563-382-9551.  Call between 8:00 AM and 4PM.  Someone might answer, but probably not.  If they don’t answer, leave a message with a number to call you back, and they will.  You can make a reservation at that time.  Tell them you are with the Airstream club and use my name.  The campground will hold 8 sites, but for only two weeks.  The campground does get busy in the summer and early fall, so you will probably need reservations.  I made mine today.  We will try to stay on the Twin Springs side where it is a bit more isolated, but it may not be a big deal which side you stay, the Twin Springs side or the Pulpit Rock side.  We will be in Decorah on the nights of September 24 and 25.  

Sometime after 12 noon on Sunday, September 26, we will leave this campground and drive to Gays Mills, Wisconsin.  For those that wish, we will stay at in Gays Mills at the Kickapoo Stump Dodger Campground.  I have never been here, but will try to get here for a day or so in April to check it out.  It is adjacent to the Fairgrounds, but it is not a fairgrounds campground.   They are also holding about 8 sites, so tell them you are with the Airstream Club and use my name.  The web site is https://www.ksdcampground.com.  The phone number is 608-735-4929 during working hours, Mon-Friday.  They do respond to emails.  The plan now is to stay here on Sunday, September 26 and Monday, September 27.  

If you have any questions call or write me,

Kurt or Mary Jorgensen
608-326-4293  Landline
608-306-0330  (cell)
email:  kurtspda@centurylink.net