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Connecticut Airstream Club

The Connecticut Airstream Club is centered in Connecticut with our membership extending to all the neighboring states.
We rally together and explore the history and beauty of the North East and Canada. Whether our members stay north or travel south for the winter, we continue to gather in our homes or in restaurants sharing memories or planning the future.
Explore with friends, travel with friends, Airstream with friends.

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Region One is home to five Airstream clubs that span the New England States, Quebec, and the Atlantic Provinces. Cape Cod Mass Airstream Club, Connecticut Airstream Club, New England Airstream Club, Northeast Mountaineers and l’unité du Québec

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Wally thought the Airstream to be a proper trailer and it caught the eye of so many other travelers that he decided it might be “a pretty good business to get into.” Good thing he did.

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Don Allers, Membership Chair

Wilton, CT